The Choice to Choose the Shade of Your Complexion

Mickey | General | Friday, November 26th, 2010

Black is beautiful – a very true statement. But still some women, seek a lighter skin color. The truth is, while there are several different shades of human complexion, the standard of beauty has pointed out white and fair complexion as its criterion. Many women find ways to make their complexions fair and white, even if the natural color of their skin is chocolate brown.

African American women are beautiful in their natural color. The true and exotic beauty of these women certainly stands out. But because of the standard of society regarding beauty, some black women can’t help but desire more radiant and whiter skin. This is not a bad thing to want, and it is not impossible as well. There are several skin bleaching creams for African American women may use to make their complexions fairer and whiter.

First things first: hydroquinone is a definite no-no. Sure, hydroquinone may be very effective and it has been proven fast-acting, but the effects of long-term use may be detrimental and even fatal to the health. Hydroquinone has been found to have carcinogenic properties that can permanently damage the health and wellness of any individual who has been using it for a long time. This is the reason why hydroquinone has been banned in several places including Japan, USA, and many European countries.

The next best product that doesn’t pose too much harm to the health is kojic acid. African American women have more melanin pigments that those women of lighter color, and a good solution to reduce their dark complexion is by inhibiting the production of melanin on their skin. Kojic acid is one very effective substance in inhibiting melanin synthesis through the prevention of the hormone tyrosinase from performing its duties, such as aiding in melanin production. Although effective, some minor side effects like skin irritation and rashes may develop. Kojic acid can be incorporated in different cosmetic products like soaps, creams, astringents, lotions, and many others.

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