The Charm Of Japanese Names Endears People

Mickey | General | Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The Japanese culture and way of life is undeniably influential and their scope covers the entire world. Researching more about people from Japan as well as the origin of their names can be a good effort to help you appreciate them better. Until the 19th century, only the wealthy and affluent in Japan only had personal names. But as time went by, the government finally mandated that every citizen in the nation must have a last name. Japanese names nowadays are very dissimilar in contrast to those that were used 200 years ago.

Japanese names are said to be much simplier than English names because middle names are non-existent. There is one significant difference between Japanese surnames and the naming method being employed by most other cultures. Typically, Western people put their given name first and their surname next. This is not the same scenario for the Japanese as their family name comes first before their given name.

Everytime Japanese parents name a baby, they select so-called kanji characters to represent it. Because there is a multitude of kanji to choose from, even a certain name can be written in several variations of kanji combinations. The possibilities are limitless in other words. The meanings differ based on which characters are used. For this rationale, it is complicated to recognize what characters are used for a specific name and what the connotation of a name is based on its pronunciation. Japanese names not only sound sweet and charming but also convey interesting meanings that would sanguinely portray your cute bundle of joy. There really is a wide range of Japanese names to choose from. If you are on a search for the most suitable name to give to your baby, do not rush things. Choose carefully because a baby’s name plays an important role in how your child may view himself or herself in the future. In reality, a name is not simply a word; it is what you call a person with love and fondness.

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