The Changing Face of Tattoos

Mickey | General | Thursday, November 18th, 2010



The majority of tattoo shops found in most cities these days are run like a professional business.  Gone are the days when it was typical to be ignored and treated badly when walking into a shop. Most have someone dedicated to answering the phone and keeping track of appointments and treating potential customers with the respect they deserve.  Tattoos and the tattoo business have come a long way in the last couple of decades.

Smart business minded tattoo shop owners are now realizing the benefits of investing in a laser and offering laser tattoo removal to their customers.  The tattoo removal business has been an ever growing business that is sure to grow substantially in the future years.  The tattoo business is showing no signs of slowing and has instead penetrated middle class America.  You can now see tattoo parlors in strip malls and other areas that were previously considered off limits to tattoo shops.  The days of sleazy biker types hanging out in dirty tattoo shops on the wrong side of the tracks are long over.

We can even see example of these professionally run businesses on such TV reality shows as Miami Ink and L.A. Ink.  Tattoo shops are opening in very public and commercialized locations such as casinos in Vegas.  Pioneers like Mario Barth are showing the potential of tattoo business.  As with any healthy industry, the success of the tattoo business is sprouting off related businesses that are also doing well.

Such businesses as tattoo supplies, tattoo flash or artwork, tattoo conventions, cosmetic or permanent makeup and even the booming tattoo removal business is stemming off the tattoo industry.

The tattoo removal business is such an attractive enterprise that tattoo shop owners are starting to expand their business to include laser removal all within one building or business. Making laser removal so available to people interested in tattoos is a smart business move.  Perhaps people that were procrastinating about getting a tattoo removed will be more likely to take the plunge if they see a removal office every time they visit their favorite tattoo parlor.

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