The Best Office Cubicle Workout

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Sitting in an office cubicle all day can take its toll you your brain and body. It is important that you take action to avoid the effects of prolonged office work. Carpal tunnel, tight hip flexors, and extra weight are all symptoms of too much time behind a desk. Here is a simple cubicle work out program that will ensure that though you may be stuck behind an office partition you don’t have to be out of shape.

I suggest that you do this workout during a lunch break or at the beginning or end of the day. You can bring extra weights from home or usually find things around the office that can help with the resistance portion of the workout.

First and foremost I am a big believer in a stand up desk, not for all of your work but for part of the time. Standing up will burn more calories and give your legs a stretch. Aside from that here is the rest of the workout.

  • Pushups – This one is simple. Start out with only a few if they are difficult. If you can only do a few that is fine, if you can’t do one start on your knees or start at the top and slowly lower yourself. Go for burn out and try to improve each time you do the workout, even adding one or improving your form is reason to be proud.
  • Bent over rows – This is another simple one that is easy to do with a dumbbell or anything that weighs more than a couple of pounds. Stand up right and bend over at the waist until you are at between a 30 – 45% angle and one at a time or two at a time pull the weights up as high as possible. Take your time and focus on your form. If your back hurts, lean over less. Do at least 10.
  • Abdominal crunches – A mat could be helpful for this, everyone knows how to do a crunch, but in case you don’t just start by doing a sit up and only partly lift your body off of the ground. Put your hands behind your neck but don’t pull. Focus on flexing your abs and reaching a full contraction. Do as many of these as possible.
  • Military press – Sit in a comfortable chair to do these and either push your hands directly up above your head or use a weight that is challenging. Focus on keeping your back straight and controlling the movement. Do around 10 of these.
  • Alternating lateral raises – Stand straight with a weight in each hand raise both weights in front of you at the same time. Lower the weights slowly and raise at your sides, 90% to the first lift, lower, and that is one rep. Do 10 of these.

Do three sets of each exercise working your way all the way through the workout on a circuit before repeating an exercise. Doing a simple quick workout like this will help you feel better and be more effective at work. It will also raise your metabolism and help get you through that mid afternoon lull.

As I said before you may be stuck in an office cubicle but you don’t have to be out of shape.

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