The Best In Full Sized And Mini Water Coolers

Mickey | Products | Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

The design of some necessary appliances is based around the idea of making your life easy. Take for example, the refrigerator that has the water dispenser built on the outside of the doors; this is to provide a cool glass of drinking water quickly without using excess electricity constantly opening the doors. This novel idea has been used by manufacturers to design a similar way to provide water using a stand-alone version. Many have the similar appearance of the large water dispensers used in big offices; however these are more compact and have a much smaller design.

The newest mini water dispensers are available in numerous styles and sizes and designed to coordinate with the areas you will put them. Basically the mini water cooler is crafted in a square base and uses the water bottles that are clear plastic. The base typically comes in a few color choices including white, and the front center section holds the faucet attachment. This attachment is designed with a push button to activate the flow of water through an internal pump mechanism. Basically the water flows out through the faucet or spout as the bottle has been placed with the opening down into the dispenser.

For kids, a personal water dispenser is a variation of the primary design. For holding liquid the unit has a clear bottle, and the base is typically a character design which includes a yellow duck, white bear, or a blue kitty. To allow for easy access by a child, the spout which is a pump action is commonly found on the bottom of its base. Additionally there will be a place found underneath the faucet which holds a small paper cup while the water is dispensing. Both products, the child’s design or style based for an adult, the dispenser has the capability of holding an eight cup sized water bottle.

These varying stand-alone water dispensers can dispense other liquids. Typically they are used to dispense fruit juice, iced tea, or other flavored children’s drinks. The dispensers designed for children make a great beverage dispenser, terrific for birthday parties allowing children the chance of pouring their own beverage without the help of any adult. Additionally, any of the models are great to take camping, or for any outdoor activity including barbecues and picnics. The desktop size is a great source of fresh water during long hours of study or work. With these newest versatile and compact water dispensers, the convenience of your refrigerator is added to any room of your house.

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