The Advent of Mineral Based Cosmetics

Mickey | General,Health and Wellness | Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Mineral Based Cosmetics


It is rather difficult to penetrate the cosmetic world and create ripples amidst the established liquid formulas and heavy type formulas of today. Yet, mineral based cosmetics were able to do so, and created waves that will change the landscape of cosmetics forever. Mineral based cosmetics are found in almost any form, mineral blush, concealer, powder, foundation etc.

As news about mineral based cosmetics knocked on my consciousness, I was admittedly hesitant. But finding these products online and being able to purchase at small amounts would be a ‘cheap’ great way to test them, at such small quantities you already have a chance of applying them several times.

Of all the available sites, I tend to favor Mineral based cosmetics are their forte, and the range of products that they have are great. Skepticism on these powdery stuff faded immediately upon application as the natural cover and smooth appearance that it provided are impeccable. My new makeup has just arrived.

Sticking to the line of products of will prove to be a dollar saver. Prices vary from one product type to another, to kits and stuff that will meet your personal needs. A mix of powder, eye shadows, couple of foundations and blushes can cost you a little less than $40. The deals get better as your purchases get bigger.

As with all services, random troubles occur. Notify them immediately and you will be aptly compensated by a range of random products you probably are more than willing to try.

Other mineral based cosmetics are a must-try. I have tried other products such as the loose powder of L’Oreal and got good results. I am in constant search for other mineral based cosmetics that will not cost me much, thus digging through sales, coupons and the like is always my norm.

There are those who venture to mineral based liquid formula, but I am not going back for a second try. The end result on my oily skin is rather disappointing. For me, the powder form is its best form so far.

Trying something new other than your vintage makeup formula is not as risky as it looks, especially if you venture on mineral based cosmetics.  My experience can tell that you will love the new look, feel and the overall end result.

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