The Advantages of Having a Logitech Harmony Remote Over Other Universal Remotes

Mickey | Electronics | Monday, November 29th, 2010

Logitech Harmony RemoteHaving a Logitech Harmony universal remote allows one to get rid of a mountain of remote controls used for a number of different devices at home. The remotes that the Harmony can replace are controllers for devices like television, DVD and Blu-ray players, satellite or cable box, digital video recorders, amplifiers, light and temperature controls, and even computers and laptops. This wide range of devices span more than 225,000 different devices from more than 5,000 different brands.

What this means is that one does not have to layout the different remotes one need in a line and keep figuring out which one is for which device. It can be frustrating to have to go through a minimum of three remotes just to be able to watch a DVD movie. The Logitech Harmony remote eliminates all that hassle and allows one to enjoy home entertainment as it is suppose to be enjoyed.

Another thing about riffling through remotes is the number of instances of pressing the wrong button. Having a large number of controllers makes it difficult to be familiar with them. Couple that unfamiliarity with a little bit of panic and urgency like in times when one needs to pause or change the channel,  one just cannot help but press the wrong button. The design of the Logitech Harmony remote makes it easy for the user to be familiar with it. It’s ergonomic body makes it easy to hold and the buttons are grouped according to their use.

One also need not worry about adding a new device in the house. The Logitech Harmony remote control has an IR database that can be updated by connecting it to the internet. The remote can easily learn the IR frequency of new devices especially new models that comes out in the market. No need to buy a new remote that can accommodate that new LCD TV.

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