The Advantages of a Free Standing Bike Rack

Mickey | Home Improvement | Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Mane people when asked would think that a freestanding bike rack is a waste of space, afterall if it only stores one bicycle then what is the point – surely you are saving no space at all.  However there are certain instances where a free standing bike rack is the ideal solution and this article takes a look at three of those solutions.

Perhaps you were considering buying a maintenance stand for your bicycle, having the bike of the ground saves strain on your lower back and certainly makes it easier to adjust breaks and tweak gears. Having a free standing bike rack that doubles up as a stand is a great solution as you are only buying one object – that has two purposes – and therefore saves space.

Bicycle storage can be very difficult particularly if you have a plastic or metal shed. Although these sheds require little maintenance and are quick to assemble they do have the drawback of not being able to attach anything to the walls such as a bike rack. In this instance your only solution is to use a free standing bike rack – it may not save you any space but it will certainly prevent your bike from being damaged and possibly injuring somebody.

If you have a family and therefore have a number of bikes to store a free standing bike rack that stores four bicycles can be a great use of garage storage space. These racks will easily store four bikes in the same floor space that it takes to store two and a there for a great use of space. These types of rack have adjustable arms so you can store all sorts of bicycles from children’s bike right through to full suspension mountain bikes.

These are just three advantages of free standing bike racks and why you might like to consider using one.

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