Stylish Pocket Watch Fobs

Mickey | General | Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The watch fob is an essential item when it comes to wearing a pocket watch. It would be quite difficult to wear a pocket watch without a watch fob. Pocket watches and fobs go together. Watch fobs are still widely used today and they have become more of a fashion statement too.  Watch fobs come in various designs just like pocket watches. They can be simple and they can be ornate. If you are looking for a stylish watch fob, here are some great choices.

Atlantic Coast Line. This is a fob which measures about 1.5 inches around and it has the words Atlantic Coast Line printed in blue against a white background. This has a black leather strap which measures 7 inches long and about ½ inch wide. The total length of the fob and strap is about 4 and a half inches. This retails for $25. This will go nice with a Steampunk pocket watch.

Vintage Intaglio Fob. This is a vintage watch fob in excellent condition.  This is circa 1920s and this is framed in a two-tone gold frame. This weighs 7 grams and it has a diameter of 27mm. this is indeed a rare find for any collector. You can bid on this item at EBay. The bidding for this item starts at $30.

Ohio Convention Fob. If you want to buy a fob which is more expensive, this is the one for you. This costs $225 from EBay. This is in crisp condition and it is approximately 8 inches long. The fob is 45mm long and it is 42mm wide. This is still in original; condition. It has not been polished or altered.

9CT Gold Bloodstone Set Fob HM B’HAM 1902. This has a height of 24mm. This is rectangular in shape which has dimensions of 22 x 13 mm and it weighs 4 grams. This is still in superb condition and this can also be bought from EBay for more than a hundred fifty dollars. The fob has an embossed gold pattern.

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