Student Loans For People With Poor Credit

Mickey | Financial Services | Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Student loans can be a lifesaver for low income folks since they can’t pay any out of pocket funds. And it is great that more than ever, the federal government makes it easy for people to get the student loans whether you have good or bad credit. I have bad credit and was able to get it with no problem. The only time they won’t allow someone to get it is if they defaulted on the payments and to not notify them of any financial changes such as going back to school or have financial hardship.

Most people are unaware of the government programs that are out there. This generally happens because they are rejected when they try to take out bad credit bank loans.

I believe that going back to school would be a wise decision if you are passionate about a certain occupation and that would help you make money but some people have no idea what to get into before they enroll in college courses. No matter what, you do need a backup plan in case you can’t get the student loan for sure. But if you are low income and are over 23 years old, you have a good chance to get student loans for people with poor credit.

But if you are under 23, you have to list your parents on the FAFSA form which is free to do. It is located at

FAFSA stands for “free application for student aid.” And most people qualify even with poor credit. In combination to using the student loan, scholarships and grants are another area to check out since they are free. Read all of the fine prints on how you can apply as well before you submit it.

In order to fill out the FAFSA form, you need some important documents such as your W2 form or the one provided to you from your employer.

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