Starting up A Salon: A Quick Guide

Mickey | Business | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Starting a salon leads to many considerations. The best way to start is with a business plan. When done correctly market research will help identify both the right location, and the right market to enter into. Whether or not a business is profitable will determine whether it can be started in the first place. Once up and running many years of patience, dedication and savvy salon business management is required.

The research will assess whether there are enough people nearby, who have enough money to spend in your business, who have the desire to do so, and whether they are loyal to your potential competitors. Once all the market research data has been collected, it is collated into a business plan. If the plan shows up problems then it’s a very good thing, avoiding mistakes that would cost money once the business was life. Making them on paper is preferable. One such mistake is finding out the area can’t support the business. Having to move an unprofitable business from one area into a new area once it is established is a nightmare. Wheras during planning the process is as simple as changing your mind and thinking of a new area.

Next it should be named, which will define the character of the business and how customers feel about it. Hair salon names are very personal things so it is very hard to define what makes a good name.

Low range places with discount prices play that up, have more fun with the name. Luxury places know how to convey that sense of class. Those in the middle of the road have trickier choices.

The right talent is another limiting factor, and one that is often overlooked. It is assumed that hiring the right people will always be easy because jobs are hard to come by, but often there can be a dearth of talent created because jobs are so hard to come by.

Planning everything out correctly will lead to a very enjoyable experience, and many years of fun managing and improving the salon.

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