Start a New Tradition with an Upside Down Christmas Tree

Mickey | Shopping | Friday, January 7th, 2011

Perhaps while visiting a friend or family member you have seen the strange sight of an upside down Christmas tree. Many people are beginning to use these upside down trees in place of the traditional standing trees. This new Christmas craze may seem strange, but it is actually rich in tradition and symbolism. There are also practical reasons for choosing such a tree.

In twelfth century Europe, an upside down Christmas tree was a common sight. Placing it in such a way represented the Holy Trinity. The tree is held in position by mounting it to a wall, suspending it from the ceiling, or by holding it up with a weighted stand.

In the West the idea of an upside down Christmas tree was accidentally introduced. Retailers used the position to better display the ornaments that were for sale. It was also a tactic to maintain as much floor space as possible for their products.

There are many benefits to this unique tradition. These trees save on space. They take up no floor space at all, leaving more room for presents, people, and pets. People living in small homes or apartments will greatly appreciate the added room. It also keeps the tree off of the ground and away from small children or pets who may bump into it. There will be fewer broken ornaments. Since this is an artificial tree, it is safer and less of a fire hazard. It can also be reused year after year.

To better decorate the upside down Christmas tree as well as the home, a trip to the Christmas-Tree-Shop is necessary. This store has a wide assortment of decorations, ornaments, and other trinkets. Be sure to look through the online flyer, which has a weekly listing of the best deals.

Start a new tradition with a new tree. While it may seem strange at first, there are many benefits to placing the tree upside down. The whole family will love it!

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