Solar Panels And How They Work

Mickey | Home Improvement | Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

A packaged interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, is called solar panel, and is used to produce and make available electricity in business and housing application. An individual solar panel can only produce a certain amount of power so to get a large enough production for commercial or residential you would need several panels. Solar energy is clean and renewable since the sun’s light is the source for the solar panels. Solar panels have become popular as a source of energy with the economy’s decline. As more people incorporate the panels into their homes and businesses, the cost of the panels is starting to decline, which will make them more affordable for people in lower income brackets.

Solar Panel Applications

Contractors who build homes to sell have found that installing solar power as a viable form of energy in the home increases the value significantly. When using solar power, batteries are charged to provide energy if weather inhibits the sun shining for a day or two. Solar Panels can save money because outside energy sources are not needed and solar energy is free. To install the panels in your home you will need a south facing unobstructed roof space. If you do not have that, there are other options like ground mounting system kits. When using the ground mount find an area that does not get shade at anytime during the day to prevent reducing the efficiency of your system. With rebates and incentives that have been offered it is possible to see a return on your investment in the first year.

Another thing they are being used for is when a standard power source is not available, for instance, in remote locations. People who enjoy getting away in an RV or travel trailer have found these to be good sources of energy in the areas that have not been developed yet.

Innovative Solar System Designs

As the energy conscious society moves forward with solar panels, architects and engineers keep this in mind when designing structures. Buildings and other structures have solar panels installed in a modern design that is eye-catching and professional looking. Roof designs are cleverly camouflaging the panels as they are being incorporated into the design yet maximizing their use.

With more manufacturers’ jumping into the world of solar panels the price has dropped over 40% since they first came on the market. Many choices are available to find the right size for your home or business. There are kits for the handy man who would like to build his own. When you purchase your solar panels you will enjoy the clean energy you will experience.

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