Soft and durable Bamboo Comforter

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Friday, January 7th, 2011

Bamboo has always been famous for its amazing ability to renew itself. It survives in ruthless forest environments. Bamboo represents different things in different cultures. In India it is a symbol of friendship whereas in China it is a symbol of everlasting life. Bamboo produces lots of oxygen and as it doesn’t require any pesticides it is very safe for consumers. It has been used in eastern world for thousands of years. Now it is gaining popularity in Europe. As it is eco-friendly it has been used in a lot of things from bamboo flooring to a bamboo comforter.

Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most prolific and fastest-growing plants. It reaches maturity in four years. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable.  The fabric created by bamboo is strikingly soft while remaining solid and sturdy. The bamboo threads combine to create a soft and satisfying fabric. Bamboo comforters stay cleaner for longer than the other comforters. They are also spectacular water absorber. Bamboo comforters have million of pockets filled with air which a human eye cannot see and due to these pockets they are ideal for people with allergies.

Bamboo fibers contain an agent, “bamboo kun”, that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it. At the beginning of 19th century the use of bamboo as a fabric was introduced in China. Bamboo fiber is thinner than a hair and that is why it feels so smooth and causes no stimulation against the skin. Since then a whole range of bamboo bedding products are being produced including bamboo comforter.

Shopping for a Bamboo Comforter

Home Source International is one of the biggest suppliers and manufactures of bamboo comforters in the United States. They were the first to launch bamboo comforters made of 100% bamboo in the United States. They are originally based in China. Their comforters, sheets and matching pillows are sold both online and offline. offers a whole range of bamboo linen by Home Source International at reasonable prices. Majority of other manufactures of bedding are experimenting with bamboo too. But most of them contain about only 10% of bamboo. So comforters made of 10% bamboo lack the qualities of comforters made of 100% bamboo.

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