Silk Flowers for a Modern Wedding

Mickey | General | Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Flowers are traditionally a part of any wedding ceremony wherever you may go. A bride does not look complete walking down the aisle without a bouquet of flowers in hand and any wedding reception is not complete without a bouquet of flowers to be tossed by the bride and awaited eagerly by several young women to catch.

But in today’s modern weddings when couples have started to be more practical and there are more things to consider after the wedding, silk flower arrangements have grown to be a popular choice. Not only do they have several advantages over real flowers, they practically look so life-like that people have a hard time guessing if they are real or not just by looking.

Silk wedding flowers arrangements are made to exactly copy their live counterparts. As long as there is a live counterpart to copy, there will always be a silk flower arrangement that can be made for you. White roses are a popular choice for silk flower arrangements. The next choice would be roses of another color like red, peach, yellow, or pastel pink. Lilies are the common choice for table centerpieces. So purple wedding flowers might be a good choice for those. If you would like the color of your flowers to match your wedding theme, you can have them dyed to the color you want them to be. Now that is something you cannot do with live flowers.

Silk flower arrangements come in a variety of costs as well. If you want better quality silks for your flowers it will naturally cost you more than if you went for the usual silk material used for most silk flower arrangements. But considering the long-run, silk flower arrangements will cost you less than if you had real flowers for your wedding. It will also cause you less headaches than if you had real flowers and worry that they might wilt in the middle of the wedding ceremony. Silk flower arrangements are now the way to go for a modern-day bride in her modern wedding.

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