Significance of CCTV Security in Crime Prevention

Mickey | Electronics | Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

The crime rate has an increasing rate since the recent years. People feels unsecured in office, roads, even in own residence. So, enhanced security protection is a need of the time. Now the house owners, the business persons, the mall authority decrease their risk by having security equipment.

They use home security unit including CCTV security, alarm systems etc. These types of equipment are very effective to increase the safety level. The government has also taken measures to reduce crime. The police department of every city is coming up with advanced CCTV security in most of the crime- prone and public areas.

Actually, CCTV security system is not a direct panacea for crime prevention. But the statistics shows that, the CCTV covered areas have a lower crime rate. If the public place and crime- prone areas are covered by CCTV security, then the offenders will fear of causing occurrence because, they will be captured by the security camera and later would be caught. So, there is a decrease of crime rate.

Evaluation of CCTV Security in Preventing Crime

Security scheme provided by CCTV systems, are appraised as an instrument for preventing misconduct with some certain identifiers. These help the police to find out the right place and right angle to install CCTV. Some significant identifiers are:

Effectiveness– CCTV security can enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement department. CCTV camera captures the events of crime. The live feed is also available on the monitor. When the officers informed about the crime by CCTV feed, they can get ready easily and reach there. In such action, they can catch thee offenders while they are involved. There are many examples of such success.

Time of Crime– The offenders might know about the angle, speed, range and limitations of the security camera. Then it may be easy to avoid the camera. This problem also can be solved by installing advanced cameras. Now- a- days, the CCTV cameras with high range, high speed overall high performance are available.

Getting Caught – Regions that are observed by CCTV cameras indicate less crime cases. The potential criminal fears that they would be recorded while the act of crime for bad purposes, and hence they abandon plan of crime in these areas.

Publicity – If the zones with CCTV systems get publicized, the potential offenders would leave that area. Again, where the publicity is secluded, the criminals have the horror that CCTV cameras are observing other areas also. This will discourage their ideas.

Thus, CCTV safety has shown itself as a instrument for crime prevention at numerous places, both open and private.

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