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Mickey | Shopping | Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Motorcycle leather jackets are available in many places. The internet has brought about the ability to comparison shop right from our homes. There are many sites that sale motorcycle leather jackets and other riding gear. What is it that a consumer should look for when shopping for jackets online?

One thing to look for is that there is a seal of some sort that says it is a secure site. This gives a shopper piece of mind while browsing. Most of the time the seal will be at the top of the home page or at the bottom of each page. Another way to know this is a secure site is at the checkout page the url address will have https:// and not just http. The added s lets you know it is a secure checkout page.

Now looking at the motorcycle leather jackets look for things like the types of leather, if it is competition grade leather, and if the leather is drum dyed. Cowhide and American buffalo are leather types that are very abrasive resistant. Cowhide comes in naked, which is the top grade and has a supple yet strong feel to it with a buttery finish, aniline leather which has a pebbly finish and is still somewhat soft, plain cowhide that has a plain finish to it, and split cowhide which is also pebbly and is the stiffest of all cowhide leather. Jackets made out of goat skin or lamb or sheep are not good for riding because they are not very abrasive resistant. Although a leather jacket out of lambskin is very soft and can be a beautiful jacket in the fashion since. The cowhide or buffalo should be 1.3 mm thick or more which makes it competition grade as well as drum dyed instead of having the dye sprayed on. The drum dyed leather is a beautiful piece of leather that has the color all of the way through, while sprayed on dye is just on the surface and as it ages the lighter color will start to show through.

The last two things to look for our satisfied customers and quality products at great prices. The site may have testimonials they have received from customers that have been happy with their experience with the site and the product they bought. Last there may be other sites that sell this same product at higher prices making the one with the quality product at lower prices the better choice. Also some sites offer free shipping.

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