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Mickey | Apple Computers | Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Buying Memory and adding more RAM to your Apple computer can be the wisest investment you can make when you’re looking to increase the performance, stability and speed of your Apple computer. More memory makes any Apple computer from MacBook to iMac to Mac Pro run fast and smooth and in most cases for the same cost as a dinner and a movie, if not less.

Direct from the factory, all Apple computers ship with the minimum amount of memory allowable to run and load the Mac OS and sometimes a few of the included iApps such as iLife and iTunes. But with more memory installed in your Apple computer you’ll be able to take advantage of more memory intensive programs such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Photoshop.

When considering Apple memory upgrades to buy you essentially have two choices to make: Cheap RAM or good ram. You can have both. It’s quite possible to save on your memory upgrade purchase but you will need to do your homework to be sure you buy good and cheap memory that’s guaranteed to work in your Apple Computer.

For good ram, the default is to buy name brand Apple Memory. You get the satisfaction that you’re buying memory upgrades from a memory manufacturer you can trust. Brand name memory for Apple computers might come from Corsair Memory, Crucial Technology or Techworks.

For cheap ram upgrades for Apple computers consider buying generic memory. This is still a good memory upgrade as all generic ram has been fully tested and manufactured to meet the same exacting specifics that your Apple computer requires but could come from a selection of memory manufacturers. This is why it’s important to buy memory from a memory store you can trust that guarantees their memory with a lifetime warranty should you have any problems with your RAM upgrades.

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