Secrets Of Indoor Tanning Lotion

Mickey | General | Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Indoor Tanning Lotion


Indoor tanning lotion is one of those tricks of the trade the newbies take a while to catch on to. For a person just starting indoor tanning all those over-priced, brighlty colored bottles behind reception at your local salon might seem like a con but the truth is, they really do work and they will cut your time needed on the sessions in half. Double the tan–half the time. Think about it…in the long term, this is going to save you money too!

How Does It Work Then?

Well, indoor tanning lotions enhance a process in your body which happens naturally. In our skin we each have a protein pigment called melanin. This is key compound which gives us our skin color. Dark skinned people have more of this compound that a person with whiter skin. What a tanning product does is drag up as much of this protein pigment as possible into the epidermal layers of the skin–the surface layers. Here melanin can then interact with UVB light rays–emitted by the tanning bulbs. When this happens a tan is the result!

Sunblock For The Beds?

No, there is no need to bring an outdoor sunblock with you to the tanning beds. Tanning bulbs emit less than 1% UVA light–the cancer causing ray–so there is no need for protection. Incase the mention of cancer causing rays scares you, the truth is, you are exposed to more UVA than that just taking the dog for a walk on a winters day.

Indoor Lotion By The Pool?

Nope, indoor lotions cannot be worn outside. They offer no protection from the UVA, because as already mentioned, they do not need to for the purpose they are designed.

Go Shopping

The best place to find a bargain when it comes to tanning lotion is online. Here you will find some absolute steals, and you don’t have to look to hard. Stick to the top brands if you are a newbie and you can’t go far wrong.

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