Say Goodbye to Ten Pounds in a Week

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Today, if you have decided to lose ten pounds in a week. Then you have reached the right page. This article would provide you with the secret techniques and tips on how to lose weight.

Let’s start with saying this phrase “I, state your name, will lose weight after seven days.” If you have done this, and truly put it to heart, then you are committed enough to do it. Remember, in losing weight for such a short time, commitment is needed.

The juice diet

You might have heard about this kind of diet. You will have to limit all other food, especially the carbohydrates and fat groups. For this week, you will have to say goodbye to them. The juice diet or detox diet, that is gaining popularity, is advisable for short term use only. This is quite simple, and you can create your own unique one. It is basically using the fresh fruit juice. Fresh juice detoxifies your body, that’s why it’s called detox juice. Make sure that you use fruits that aren’t rich in sugar.

Change your diet to green and colorful food item

I’m referring to green veggies and different kinds of fruits. Add these to your meals, or if possible make these your meal. They don’t have much of a caloric density, so they seldom increase your weight, and on top of that they contain vitamins and minerals. Most of them also contain dietary fiber, which helps remove fats and aid digestion.

The intense physical workout

You would have to do this, and you can do it. If you really want to get away from everything, including temptation, then camping or hiking would be a good idea. But if you can’t do so then, you would have to do it at home or at your gym. Make this as a challenge and not a thing that would stress you out. You will have to set the duration, which would be around an hour or greater for your aerobics, and also have alternates with weight lifts. Try to be consistent with this and you will surely see results.

There you go. There are other ways on how to lose 10 pounds in a week. The bottom line is to actually reach it. Try your best and never give up!

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