Save Your Electronics By Using Wall Surge Protectors

Mickey | Electronics | Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

When you think about how often power surges happen in your home, you’ll understand why more wall surge protectors are being used by people who owe a lot of electronic equipment such as laptops, flat panel HDTVs or speaker systems. If you have such equipment in your house you’d be wise to have a wall surge protector installed. If you don’t, you can become a victim of irreparable damage to your things. The result can be lost unsaved data, as with running computers, or worse, the total destruction of your device from having its core burned out.

So, what is a power surge? Every electronic device has a rate of voltage that it can handle. Standard laptops can handle only a low rate of volts – only a few hundred. Lightning, when it strikes, can create about sixty three thousand volts in the first several seconds. This transient voltage courses through the local power grid and goes directly to your electronic device where it will proceed to cause incredible damage if it doesn’t outright melt everything in it.

A safe measure to prevent that is to use a wall mounted surge protector. They take up very little space and fit securely into all wall outlets, so that you don’t have to worry about furniture knocking them loose. Power surges have been around a long time, but they are more recognized today with the more sensitive electronics that exist. It’s no coincidence that this type of surge protection has been on the market for a long time.

How does a surge protector work and what makes it so useful? The protector consists of small electronic elements called “variable resistor” or “metal oxide varistors”. With their help the excess voltage is diverted and your equipment stays protected.

If you have a device that you have to plug in a wall outlet, then it is best to invest in a wall surge protector for it. Each of these will protect your sensitive and costlier equipment like laptops, TV sets, surround-sound systems or even the charger of your mobile phone.

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