Saturated Fat is better than Polyunsaturated Fat

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

The title of this post very much flies in the face of conventional wisdom. We are taught conflicting things nowadays – firstly we are told that fat is bad and that eating fat makes you fat. This is wrong: fat is necessary to a healthy diet and if you try to cut out fat from your diet you end up feeling miserable. Secondly, we are told that polyunsaturated fats such as soy, safflower and vegetable oils are much better for us than monosaturated or saturated fat. This is contradicted by the notion of the healthy ‘Mediterranean Diet’ that is high in the monosaturated fat, olive oil.

The truth is that saturated fats are much better for us than polyunsaturated fats. It is time the medical establishment separated itself from agribusiness interests. More important than classifying fats as saturated or not is to determine what type of fatty acids it contains. Soy oil and other polyunsaturated fats contain long chain fatty acids that the body finds it hard to break down, and as a result some of these long chain fatty acids become blood cholesterol. In contrast coconut oil and other saturated fats contain medium chain fatty acids which the body can metabolize and turn into energy. It is for this reason that many athletes and professional sportspeople are now taking coconut oil before a performance to give them extra stamina.

In addition coconut oil contains a high percentage of lauric acid. Lauric acid is also prevalent in mothers’ breast milk. Lauric acid protects the new born infant from bacterial and viral attack and including coconut oil in your diet as an adult similarly gives you protection against viruses and pathogens. It is no coincidence that in some Polynesian cultures the coconut palm is known as the ‘Tree of Life’.

So make up your own mind about saturated fat. When you consider how polyunsaturated fats have failed to make America and parts of Europe healthier you might begin to question the pernicious slandering of saturated fat.

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