Santa Cruz for a Great Beach Holiday

Mickey | travel | Monday, November 29th, 2010

Holidays are a chance for people to get away from their regular lives and to go somewhere special for a while. They can get away from the usual routine and just relax. For instance, there are a number of great beaches out there, and it is just a matter of choosing one. There are a number of options for anyone looking for the best beach holiday; one of those options is Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is a college town for most of the year, with several community colleges and the University of California in the area. It is also an artist community, with a solid reputation in the arts. The beaches are also world famous, as is its animal life. Whereas other beaches concentrate on the beaches themselves, Santa Cruz concentrates on the community, making for a less “touristy” feel. It makes for a great beach holiday because it not only has a number of major tourist attractions, such as The Boardwalk but Santa Cruz also features live animals, such as sea lions and whale watching, as well as a number of academic sites.

Most of the hotels are close to the beach, and it is not that hard to find houses to rent for the summer. One of the biggest travel tips about Santa Cruz is that it is not itself a true tourist town, even though it is close to a number of them, most notably Monterey and San Francisco. This means that it makes an awesome beach holiday, especially for those trying to avoid all of the usual tourist traps. There are plenty of interesting sites, especially for those with children, and it has a number of options for an entirely different kind of summer vacation. It seems like a sleepy college town, and that is how everyone wants it to stay.

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