Safe And Ergonomic Office Chair

Mickey | Furniture | Monday, January 17th, 2011

Office chairs is expected to provide the necessary comfort for all kinds of users. The office chairs should have both stability and it should be adjustable. There are several health hazards which results due to unstable and rigid office chairs. Hence now a days as people are very health conscious they are very particular about ergonomic office chairs. Leather office chair with wheels are preferred as they provide accessibility to large areas. When office chairs have wheels few things are to be considered. The chair should be stable enough to maintain the balance. They should not trip when the user leans forward. The office chair should not be lop-sided.

When the user stands up the chair should not roll back. This is a problem when the office floor is not carpeted. The chair base is expected to have five stars, anything less than that will not produce the desired stability. The arm rest should be adjustable. They should have the ability to be removed when it is not used. The wrist should be properly supported. The foot rest should be provided when the foot dangles. A foot rest stool should be used or some phone books should be used to provide the support needed.

The curve of the back should be properly supported. Hence the back of the chair should also have the curve to fit in properly. The height of the seat should be adjustable. The seat pan should be large enough to accommodate any kind of user. Narrow seat pan has its own hazard. The user would feel uncomfortable when the seat pan is narrow. Approximately 2 cms of space should be present on the sides apart from the space occupied by the user. Once the desired comfort zone is obtained the back rest is locked. Comfortable sitting position should be provided by any office chair as it greatly influences health.

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