Roland Electronic Drums: V-Drums

Mickey | General,Music | Saturday, January 15th, 2011

I recently tried out a set of Roland electronic drums. I have always been opposed to electronic drum sets and never really saw a need for them. While I am aware that the drum modules are capable of a wide array of sounds I have found that most often electronic drummers use them to produce sounds very similar to acoustic drum sets. If these players are looking for an acoustic drum sound than why not use an acoustic drum set?

With this being the case I apprehensively approached the newest Roland set out of necessity. I have recently obtained a job which calls for a wide range of drum sounds and the electronic drum set needs to be moved regularly. At my age I could not imagine hauling around the amount of drums, cymbals and accessories I would have needed to make this job work. I knew from many articles and reviews that the Roland V-Drums would be the easiest solution to these two problems. The questions I was left with were, ‘How would they feel?’ and ‘How would they sound?’

It is amazing the innovations that have been made since I first tried Roland electronic drums in the 1980s. The mesh drumheads and cymbal triggers of the current V-Drums feel so real that it is hard to believe that I was not playing acoustic drums. The newest V-Drum hi hat system even uses two trigger plates to replicate the feel of a real hi hat. This had previously been one of my biggest issues with electronic drum kits. The system I tried out used the Roland TD-20 drum module. This “drum brain” is top of the line and it shows. The lush sounds that this machine was able to create truly surprised me.

While I still think that it is impossible for an electronic kit to sound as good as an acoustic kit the feel, improved sound and portability of the Roland V-Drums won me over.

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