Red Curtains : They Are Not Just for Theaters Any more

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Thursday, November 25th, 2010

There was a time when, if you wanted to see red curtains, you had just a few places where you could be sure of finding them. Shows, theaters and older homes were about the limit when it came to red drapes. Recently, though, they have become more and more popular.

Red curtains, especially dark red or burgundy curtains, can change a whole room. Combine these darker shades of red with off-white walls, and the space becomes very cultured, with a splash of drama. Try teaming your new window curtains with more than light-colored walls. Try light-colored furniture as well. Then, put deep red cushions on your sofa and chairs, or loungers. Red curtains always seem to attract attention with their vivid energy, and when you echo the color around the room, the energy seems to be more potent than ever.

These curtains are great pretenders, too. They can look rich without costing very much. Sure, if you were to purchase wool or silk curtains, they would probably cost a pretty penny, but regular acrylic, cotton, velvet or polyester window curtains can be very reasonable.

If you wonder whether you would be able to decorate around red curtains, or whether red is really your thing, a feasible starting point is a small room. Try them in a guest room, or maybe in a sitting room or study. If they work for you in this smaller space, then you can hang this color in more rooms, if you wish.

When choosing a fabric for your curtains remember that red attracts attention so you may want to avoid velvet. Velvet, as a fabric, loves to cling. So it will pick up hairs, fibers, lots of little things that don’t enhance the look of your drapes at all. So you might end up cleaning your curtains more than you care to, if they are velvet. Go for cotton or linen instead.

Dark red curtains have typically been considered “winter curtains”, but they can help filter hot sun so they’re useful for summertime, as well. If you think they are too dark however why not compromise by buying a patterned fabric with a mix of cream and dark red which are good for all seasons?

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