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Mickey | General | Sunday, January 9th, 2011

A lanyard is a type of rope that can be worn around the neck to carry certain items. Neck lanyards are popular around the globe because they are very useful. One of the most popular and in demand lanyards were those of the FIFA World Cup. There were 11 designs, representing the national flags of each participating country. People would buy a design that represents the participating country that they are a fan of or that is in their favorite color.

During those days, if you wore a neck lanyard, you were totally “IN” and somehow wearing them has become a part of the fashion trend. After a while, different designs came up. There were Pink beaded laces for the girls, camouflage designs, cute cartoons, and most schools and universities came up with their own designs for their students.

At first, it may seem like they were only used for adding style to your outfit, but they do more than just make you look good. Each has a metal key ring, clip and a plastic badge holder. Most people would use them to hold things around their necks. Others would even attach their keys or mobile phones, but they are now widely used in schools, offices and hospitals as I.D. holders because of the plastic badge holder attached. It secures the I.D. in place without the problems associated with the old metal clips.

There are a lot of different designs available in the market today and you can choose depending on your preference. Usually neck lanyards vary in color, size, design and material. You can visit your local store or browse online to find the right lanyard for you.

In some situations when using a neck lanyard, it is necessary to bend over. For example when the lanyard is being used to carry a security card or a tool of some form. In this situation an alternative to the neck lanyard is the retractable badge holder. For instance, a retractable badge holder for nurses is widely used in hospitals today because they allow the nurse access to tools attached to the badge holder by simply pulling them to where they are needed. This is made possible by the wire that the tool is attached to, which is then wound around a spool in the retractable badge holder. When finished with the tool, it is simply released and automatically winds itself back in. This is preferable to a neck lanyard where the nurse would still need to lean over to use the tool.

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