Proper Storage of Bike Equipment

Mickey | Outdoors | Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

I ride my bike a lot, almost every day, even in the winter. And because I ride it so often, I’ve gotten very good at the preparing to ride. I can get my gear on, throw my helmet on my head, and be on the road in just a few minutes. This optimizing is necessary for something you do as often as I ride, and takes time to pick up. But here are a couple ways I have been able to make my preparation go a little faster.

You want to keep the gear somewhere that is convenient for you to get on, and safe enough that you don’t have to worry about it when you’re not around. To that end, one thing I’ve done in the past that works well is setting up some mudroom lockers by the back door, so I can grab my gear and head out, practically while still walking. Mudroom lockers are also very convenient for any kind of outdoor gear, from jackets to towels, so they’re just good things to have on hand.

Another thing that has worked well for me is to set up a bike storage shed in the back, and just keep both the bike and the equipment in it. Bike sheds are very strong and secure things, so it shouldn’t cause any problems safety wise, and bike gear can easily be kept outside in all months except perhaps the winter (when I keep everything in the house itself to keep them protected).

The goal really, is to have your equipment ready to go and in a place where they won’t fall apart or get damaged by other people, or the elements. Both of these methods work very well (my winter precaution is not necessary if you don’t have room inside). Overall they make riding much more pleasant.

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