Preventing Body Acne

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Acne affects a person not just physically but also psychologically. Other persons don’t even go out because of low self-esteem acne has given. Acne usually starts during the adolescent stage and continueup to adulthood. It could ruin your life. Others who are very much affected by the embarrassment that itbrings even end up to death. The psychological effect that it brings is really unpredictable.

You do not have to treat body acne if you just know how to prevent it. Remember the most famous saying about health: prevention is better than cure. Indeed, if you know how to prevent acne then you do not have to worry about the physical and psychological effects acne redness and scars could bring. To prevent it, the following tips should be considered:

Take a bath once or twice a day. Always make your body clean. Be sure to take a shower when you had an extreme sweat such as after exercise. Be sure that anything that will touch your face is clean such as the towel that you will use after exercise. Use a clean and unused towel—unused by other person to make sure that it is not infected with bacteria or dirt. Do not wear tight shirts because this may clog the pores in your body. Pore blockage is known to cause acne. You could use clothes made of cotton to make sure that your sweat is not blocked and is released naturally.

Change your clothes twice a day. This will ensure that dirt is not trapped to your body especially after your tiring work-out. Sweat attracts dirt. Use mild and oil free soap when cleaning your face to avoid acne formation.

The above tips are very effective to minimize the chances of having acne but it is not an assurance that you will never ever have acne in your life again; zits can be persistent!

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