Presents for Men That Will Get Put To Use

Mickey | Shopping | Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Everyone is familiar with the old bromide that a real man will never stop and ask for directions.  He’ll wander around, burning expensive gasoline almost as fast as the patience of his passengers unless and until the situation reaches the point that his unwillingness to ask for directions is overcome by his unwillingness to be late.

Really!  For someone who values his masculinity, being late to a scheduled engagement is akin to showing up in pink high-heeled pumps.  It must be avoided if at all possible.

Well, this fact of life offers a great opportunity when it comes to shopping for presents for men.  Whether you’re shopping for a 21st birthday present for a man or a 60th birthday present for a man, or for any birthday or Christmas gift in between, modern technology offers men all over the planet a wonderful chance to save face and be on time, all at once!

Global positioning technology, based on the universal global positioning system (GPS) operated by the federal government, will not only show the man in your life where he is, but how to get where he wants to be.  No more embarrassing pulling over to the curb to ask some derelict soul such questions; no more snarling at the passengers when they subtly point out the presence of every gas station appearing on the horizon where there might be someone who has a clue as to their location on the globe.

The best thing about GPS is that, not only does it offer men a chance to avoid the risk of appearing to be lost, it also gives them a chance to show off their technological sophistication.  No matter that the youngsters in the car are light years ahead in that regard, he can make a show of programming the unit with a flourish of expertise.  If the passengers will only acquiesce and quietly observe, everybody will be on time and happy.

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