Potential Materials For Bolero Jackets

Mickey | Fashion | Monday, February 21st, 2011

The bolero jacket is a type of cropped jacket that has many similarities to cardigans. It is usually knitted and contains sleeves of some sort. They come in many different possible materials. Some materials are better suited so some situations than others, so this is an important choice. In order to help clear up any questions regarding which material you should choose for each potential situation, the following guide has been provided.

Formal occasions such as weddings and high school proms frequently make use of lace bolero jackets. Lace bolero jackets work quite will with slim, sheathe dresses that do not have a lot of their own lace. You will normally be able to find them in white and different shades of off-white, but you will find many more options if you are willing to do a bit of research. It is recommended that you contrast the color of the jacket slightly with that of the dress in order to give the eyes something a little bit more to play with and enjoy.

Satin bolero jackets are completely different, however. Unlike lace jackets, it does not give an air of delicateness or mystery due to its being woven in a more solid, rather than sheer fashion. They are very versatile because not only do they have a professional appearance that works quite well in the office, but they also have a casual enough appearance that they can be worn as simple daily wear. You could even wear them on a date, as they can be quite playful when paired with the right top.

Feather and fur bolero jackets are pretty much just for playtime. Many different adornments are used in order to help these jackets create a bold statement and capture attention. They do potentially require quite a bit of maintenance, though.

The bolero jacket comes in many styles and in many materials. Which material you choose influences the best places and situations in which to wear your new jacket. In the end, your happiness with the final purchase is what is most important, whether you are buying a bolero jacket, military jackets for men, or even a simple pair of socks.

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