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Mickey | General | Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Polishing is important if you want your old pocket watches and other timepieces to look new and nice. There is nothing appealing about a pocket watch which looks like it has been neglected and ignored. Watches like that would not look good at all when displayed on a pocket watch stand. You can polish your precious timepieces on your own but there are those which need to be polished by the professionals. This would depend on the material of your pocket watch and watches. If the watches you have can be home-polished, so to speak, here are the various types of polishes you can get ion the market and use on your watches.

PSC Brushed Satin Metal Polish. This will give your watches a professional polished look. It removes blemishes and fine scratches. This will give you watches a matte finish and this can be used on watch cases, watch bands, aluminum briefcases, kitchen appliances and other types of jewelry. This is an all purpose cleaner.

Jeweler’s Watch and Jewelry Polish. This is a polish especially made for jewelries and timepieces. It polishes and restores acrylic watch crystals, watchbands and watch cases. This can be used on materials like platinum, silver, gold, stainless steel and titanium.

Blitz Gem and Jewelry Cleaner. This is ideal for use on fine jewelry like gold, sapphire, diamond, ruby and other precious and semi-precious gems.

Metallux Museum Quality Metal Polish. This is a polish which is also used by professionals and leading jewelry galleries. This can be used on fine pieces of jewelry, watches and silverware.

Crystal Clear Pro Metal & Plastic Polishing Kit. This effectively removes fine scratches on watch cases, crystals, silverware, knives and other things. This kit includes the Crystal Clear Metal polish which gives plastic and metal a mirror shine, the PSC Brushed Satin Metal polish for use on scratches and polishing cloth.

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