Picking Heartworm Medicines

Mickey | General | Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

The fact that we can now buy heartworm medicines online with no need for a prescription has made them more popular than ever before. We can get Heartgard no prescription as well as other brands like Nuheart. But how do we go about picking the best option?

Let’s take a look at what he best buys really are.

If we currently treat our pets for fleas and we now want to begin treating for heartworms then our best option is to either pick Revolution or Advantage Multi. Both treat for these problems with one application a month. The cost is about the same as just flea meds so it is a great choice. If fleas are not an issue though then it is Heartgard or Nuheart that are the best choices. This is for one simple reason, they are easy to give.

Other pills can be a problem to give to Dogs but not these two choices. Heartgard Plus is chewable and beef flavored so Dogs love it. They munch the pill in seconds flat. And with Nuheart we are getting the only soluble heartworm pill currently on the market. We will find that we simply mix it in with milk or put it in water and pour on to the Dogs food. They will never even know that they have had it.

Hopefully this will now allow you to make a more informed decision and to choose a heartworm medication based on whether or not you want to treat for fleas at the same time. Whatever you do decide to use just ensure that you give them once a month all year for complete protection.

You will find this gives you total peace of mind and it also ensures that the Dogs never need expensive treatment at the vets for adult heartworm problems.

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