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Mickey | Patio and Garden | Friday, February 18th, 2011

Composting has certainly come a long way over the last few years, we started off with a basic plastic drum that we could put our kitchen waste in, and no doubt this worked much better than the compost heap in the garden that use to be the only way to compost. Now we have all sorts of solutions to our composting needs, my personal favourite is the Envirocycle composter for me this is undoubtedly the way to compost. This drum is of a horizontal design which is by far the easiest system to spin; laying on a base fitted with rollers this drum could not be any easier. With its large hatch for filling and emptying, the hatch is also lockable so there is no danger of vermin getting inside. The base of this composter is hollow, this is to allow compost tea to be collected, compost tea is a nutrient rich liquid that drains off the compost as it breaks down and collects in the base until you are ready to drain it off through a spigot. Once you have collected your compost tea you can dilute it down and either use it as a foliar spray, lawn feed or to water your pots and plants around the garden.

Most people know how to compost it just depends on whether they want to, maybe they remember there parents composting the old way and that put them off, or perhaps you don’t think you accumulate enough organic waste. But when it comes down to whether to compost or send your waste off to landfill composting really should be the only option. When you consider that as the plants in your garden are growing they are taking out all the goodness in the soil, and this goodness needs to be replaced otherwise when you plant in your garden you will have very poor results.

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