Pet Fountain Options and Benefits

Mickey | General | Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

There are quite a few benefits to providing your cat or dog with a pet fountain. One such benefit is a simplified way of being sure your furry loved ones are always receiving fresh water – even when you’re not at home. A pet fountain will even provide entertainment for your four legged friends – especially the ever inquisitive cat, and lastly, the flow of water will aid in keeping bacteria out of Rover’s water supply and thus help to keep him healthier.

When it comes to felines, it’s a well known fact that they can be quite finicky. One may even refer to them as “fussy” or one could go as far as to say they’re downright stubborn. Having a pet fountain will help to bring your cat’s attention to the water and make it fun for him to drink. A well hydrated cat is a happy, healthy cat. As a matter of fact, without enough water, cats can develop serious kidney and urinary tract diseases that can eventually turn fatal. When dealing with cats, consider a stainless steel pet fountain.

Dogs love water. They need it and they know it and they drink it often. That’s so important for their health and well being. The problem is, those stagnant bowls of bacterial collecting water that sometimes owners actually forget to change and refill on a daily (or even better, twice daily) basis. No one wants to drink dirty water and no pet should be forced to drink water that isn’t clean and fresh. A pet fountain contains a filter and a pump so that the clean, filtered water is constantly moving which keeps it fresher and tasting better.

Of course, having a pet fountain doesn’t mean a “no maintenance” life. It needs to be cleaned as per manufacturer’s instructions and it needs to be filled as water evaporates and lastly it needs a new filter every 14 to 30 days depending on manufacturer’s directions. With that said, pet fountains don’t usually require daily attention. That means that once on a schedule, pet owners merely have to check the water level and the cleanliness and the filter performance ever few days or even weekly.

To make your life easier and your dog or cat’s life healthier, order a pet fountain for your home today. While you’re at it, order one for a special pet owner in your life because they make awesome gifts for pet parents as well as for their furry family members!

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