Performance Shower Systems

Mickey | Home Improvement | Monday, February 7th, 2011

When planning to create a performance shower, you need to take a number of things into consideration. The first thing to consider what can home, hot water heater and water source be able to support. If you have multiple sources of water in your home, then lots of gallons of water will be used per minute. Most of the homes use shower valve types that turn on the flow of water at a single constant temperature. So, if you turn the handle, you will be able to control only the temperature and not the volume of water. This valve is known as pressure balancing valve.

If you want to control different water sources with a performance shower system, you need to use a volume and thermostatic control system. A thermostatic valve controls the water temperature. But, you cannot control the flow of water with this valve. Every component in the shower uses volume controls. They are generally placed close to the system that they control. For instance, a hand shower at the far end of the shower has the volume control exactly attached to it. These controls turn off and on water for each and every source. They can even turn the stream softer or harder. And, every hand shower, shower head and toe tester will have its own volume control.

The next thing you need to consider is the place where every component of the shower is to be fitted. The ideal design ensures that the user gets water turned towards him/her at all angles. The use of body sprays is to hit the user at the middle, shoulders and lower pack portion. Prior to installing the shower, ensure taking precise measurements. These showers come in all kinds of finishes and styles. Ensure to lay a properly designed and durable shower pan so that water does not collect in the shower floor.

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