Paper Blinds: What Are They?

Mickey | Home Furnishings | Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Although paper blinds have been around for a little while, they are only just beginning to really become much more popular. Part of this is because they have been much better advertised lately and also people are often looking for cheap alternatives as a temporary window treatment. You can buy them online fairly easily and they are relatively inexpensive. There are several reasons why people opt to install them.

Although these blinds are made from paper and not another type of fabric or vinyl they are used in the same way as regular blinds. In other words, you can hang them in your window and they will effectively block out the light from coming in the room or at least they will filter it. They also provide you with privacy.

Many people find that these type of blinds are really inexpensive, which makes them perfect for a temporary solution when you are in need of putting up some kind of window treatment. When you buy them you receive everything that is needed to get them up in your window. And by the way, the installation really is as easy as it is advertised.

While they do come in different sizes, if they do not have your exact size available all you need to do is buy one that is slightly larger than the area of your window. Because they are very easy to cut through, being made of paper, you can very quickly and simply trim it to the correct size.

Although they are primarily sold as a temporary solution when you need to quickly put something up over any window, you do not need to worry that they may look scruffy or that they will ruin the appearance of your room. The paper shades including paper blackout shades that you can find these days are well made and they look quite nice. They are a perfect solution for anyone who needs to temporarily cover their window.

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