Pampering Gifts for Pregnant Women

Mickey | gifts | Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Being pregnant isn’t the most comfortable time of life. If you want to help a pregnant woman and give her a gift she’s going to love, buy her something that’s pampering. It’s a fun and creative gift idea and something she’ll remember for ever.

It’s nice to think of themes. Like getting a restful nights rest. While a pregnant woman is usually always tired, sometimes it’s hard for her to get good sleep because of pregnancy pains and the need to always run to the bathroom. Consider making her a gift basket full of products to help her get a good night’s rest. Some of the items include a soothing face mask to put over her eyes. You can also include lavender essential oil in the basket. It’s approved for use during pregnancy and great for promoting rest. Include a relaxation CD and anything else to make sleep come a little easier to her and help her get rest.

The next idea of pampering gifts for pregnant women is to give her a spa day. Buy her a gift certificate for a massage, manicure and pedicure. Give her the day away. It will make her feel beautiful, refreshed and so much better. Special prenatal massages specialize in treating pregnant woman and are a wonderful pregnancy gift. You can buy gift certificates from individual spas or buy a spa finder gift certificate good for a variety of spas of her choice. She can schedule the appointment at her convenience.

Finally, consider pampering a pregnant woman by doing things for her and making her queen of the day. Cook dinner for her and insist she relax while you cook. Clean her home and run errands for her, anything she needs while she relaxes with her feet up and zones out watching television or flips through her favorite magazine. It’s tough being pregnant, she deserves a day to veg out while someone else does all the work for her!

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