Old Friend Slippers For All To Wear

Mickey | Shopping | Thursday, December 16th, 2010

The idea of slipping your feet into a warm fleece-lined slipper at the end of a hard day should be something that is very inviting for all. If you owed a pair of Old Friend slippers you could take advantage of the comfort and support that you might expect in the finest of shoes.

These slippers have been acknowledged as among the finest slippers available with the old style offered alongside the newer to ensure that all tastes are catered for. No matter whether you want to buy a full pair of bootee slippers or a simple pair of scuffs, the Old Friend range caters to all tastes.

Men and women will be equally served by the range in the line. A fine pair of moccasin slippers for men may appear to be meant for wearing outdoors, so durable do the soles appear. For those who are merely looking for something to cover their feet while they relax in front of the television, a pair of scuffs in whatever color you desire will easily fill the bill.

But they aren’t designed exclusively for adults to wear. The same range of slippers that provide weary adults with nightly foot relief is also available as part of the Old Friend kids slippers range. A child can choose between scuffs, bootee, step-in and moccasin slippers with a few extra features such as camouflage design exteriors to give them a bit of added appeal.

These slippers have been designed to offer support and comfort for anyone recovering from foot surgery or who is in constant pain with gout or arthritis. The adjustable slippers can be worn and altered so that any painful conditions are not aggravated by the simple process of releasing the Velcro strap and adjusting accordingly.

For a pair of slippers that will provide you with a range of styles and colors, all of them featuring the comfort of a fleece lining, you can’t go past Old Friend slippers.

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