Non Prescription Colored Contacts are Trendy

Mickey | Shopping | Monday, December 6th, 2010

One of the most current trends right now are non prescription colored contacts. People seem to love these color changing contacts because it gives an individual the ability to change the look of the eyes without surgery. The colors are endless and there are even options of colored contacts that give off a spooky cat eye look. The best part is, since they are non prescription, you do not need to have a problem with your eyesight in order to wear these colored contacts. These types of contacts are available in specific outlets as well as various different websites on the internet.

In order to purchase non prescription colored contacts, you should have an eye examination done by consulting with an eye specialist. Even if you have the most perfect eyesight, you can still purchase these enjoyable colored contacts since they are not corrective (meaning that they do not have a prescription). If you have an eye examination done, your doctor can make sure that your colored contacts are cut and fit perfectly for your eye shape. In general, this is the safest way to purchase colored contacts.

Even though it is recommended that you have an eye examination done before purchasing non prescription colored contacts, there are many department stores that sell these contacts without the individual needing an eye examination first. You can change your eye color with these contacts to various different shades from blues to greens to brown and so much more.

Hard colored contact lenses are made from a polymer plastic. The soft lenses are made from a hydrogel and actually last longer. You should always remove your colored contacts from your eyes when you go to bed at night. Removing the contacts at night gives your cornea time to breathe. This is definitely important in order to avoid infections.You should always take proper care of these colored contacts to prevent health issues.

Overall, colored contacts are a great way to enhance and improve the color of your eyes. If you like to make changes and experiment with different looks then this may be something to consider. Many celebrities enjoy the look of colored contacts as well. Why not? These contacts are a great way to accentuate your already beautiful features.

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