No Matter How Perfect, Complications Are Still In Laser Liposuction

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Risks are involved in any surgical procedures regardless how invasive they were. Numerous procedures are tested and studied for decades in order to be safe and effective. However, no matter how perfectly developed and improved a particular surgical operation, there are always complications present even in a minimal percentage.
Laser lipo is the new innovation in liposuction procedure. The manner of fat removal is the same as that of the traditional method. However, risks involved are fewer. This explains that several individuals now prefer laser liposuction than any other form of liposuction technique. The complications are highly different as occurrence of trauma, bruise, infection and bleeding is less using the laser. Skin burns and skin loss are bound to happen at times especially to large areas like abdomen, thighs and hips as they are exposed to the laser in longer periods. Furthermore, the skin will totally be damage if improper practice is done. Those who do not have good skin elasticity will result to loose skin especially if large volume of fats is removed. The good thing in laser liposuction is the contribution of heat in collagen production that helps in skin tightening. This is advantageous to older patients and those who were removed with huge amount of fats. The procedure is done smoothly, but there are circumstances that it results to some contour deformities. Lumps, bumps or wavy lines are possible to appear if the procedure is done unskillfully. Extra care in melting and suctioning fats is needed in order to have a balance, smooth and good body contour.
The laser liposuction cost includes many fees; hence, the price varies. The major differences in cost lay on the region of the body to be treated and the professional fees of doctors involved. Local anesthesia is done in laser liposuction, so it is considered cheaper than any other procedure that requires general anesthesia. Hence, there is no need for extra payment in hospitalization, and this is a great help in reducing the possible costs.

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