New Years Resolutions and Running

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Thursday, January 13th, 2011

So, you’ve decided you want to get fit for the New Year, and one of your goals is to start running. Aside from picking a good pair of running shoes and setting a target, the first step you need to take is working out where you’re going to run. You need to run in a place where you feel safe, that isn’t too hard on the joints and will provide a way of tracking how far you’ve come. There are several ways to choose a running location.

Most people like running in the streets around their home, as this is convenient and doesn’t require any extra travel. The hardest part of exercising is actually starting, so the less travelling you have to do the more likely you are to go on a run. There are a number of downsides to just running in the streets around you though.

First, roads are notoriously hard on the joints. You need to buy a high quality shoe to run on roads, such as the Saucony grid. If you’ve run for any period of time then you may notice that the joints start to get aggravated if you run on hard surfaces for too long. This isn’t a problem with everyone – some have better natural biomechanics than others – but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Another consideration is how safe the area is. Running through trails is usually a lot more exciting and interesting than running on roads, but some people may not feel comfortable jogging through woods on their own – especially at night. This limits when you can run to daylight hours, and jogging is definitely less fun when you’re worried about your safety! Trail running shoes are also required.

The golden rule is to mix things up. You don’t want to run the same route everyday as this will get boring very quickly. Instead, take the time to find a few different routes that you can alternate between.

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