New Motifs in Fashion Jewelry Trends

Mickey | Jewelry | Friday, December 10th, 2010

Fashion jewelry trends are bold and have kind of a rock and roll kind of edge to it. Plus, it really looks a lot more convincing than it did just a few years ago. Plus, this can really mimic real silver, gold, and diamonds although you’ll want to go with a slightly more expensive price tag to get the most convincing kind of look.

Jewelry is a little bit different than you what have might been used to in your grandmother’s time. This is really going to use a lot of snake motifs. It’s going to be classy with a simple gold or silver design. This is something that designers even use colored diamonds for and these rings and necklaces can cost thousands of dollars. However, you can get the same look in rhinestones so that it’s practical enough for everyday wear.

Another jewelry motif that’s really been on the scene is going to use studs. This could be an accent to a leather bracelet. However, it’s also something that’s even appeared on gold rings and bracelets and it really gives your wardrobe a subtle edge to it. You can really consider this in a totally encrusted piece that’s the ultimate in glamour but still shows off your rock and roll side.

You’re also going to see skull jewelry appearing on the scene a lot more even though this can seem a little bit Goth or punk. Even adults are wearing it. More youthful versions will have different colors of stones for the eyes. However, you could just go for a plain metallic piece and mix it in with more sophisticated chandelier earrings for more of an eclectic look. More sophisticated styles mimic emerald engagement rings or mother of pearl jewelry.

Whenever you choose a daring motif make sure that you scale back a bit. Skip the classic jewelry sets. Instead go for more basic stud earrings. In fact if you have a statement piece you might just want to go with one piece of jewelry instead of three which can really save you a lot of money.

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