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Mickey | Products | Friday, November 19th, 2010

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Did you know that just as much as men battle hair loss, females do also?  Actually, it may be a larger issue in the female population since of all visits to the doctor for thinning hair and baldness problems, 60% are by females.  The surprising thing concerning this is the lack of help that has been offered for this issue by the medical establishment. 

 The only way a woman had to manage loss of hair was wearing a wig, a scarf or a hat until lately.  Fortunately, nowadays there are a number of good products on the market, which manage hair restoration in women.  A major advance was the listing of the drug Minoxidil as an efficient treatment by the FDA in the US.

Minoxidil was first designed by its manufacturer as a drug to reduce high blood pressure.  It performed this by making the tiny blood vessels in the body’s tissues increase slightly in cross sectional area.  As you can imagine, this makes blood flow more easily through the body and thus the back pressure of the heart was lowered.  A number of research studies have been conducted and it was proved to be very efficient although a second advantage was also observed in these trials.  Most of the men in the tryout also reported advancement in their hair thinning problems.  It looks like Minoxidil is perhaps the real cure man has been searching for over the previous millennium as a way to handle baldness.

Hair restoration products which incorporated Minoxidil are effective as a means to stop hair loss in men as additional studies showed.  At this point, more investigations were conducted on women, also with good outcomes.  It has been discovered that if females apply a topical solution containing 2% by volume Minoxidil they can see some enhancement in their thinning hair.  Although the present believe is that the increased blood supply to some extent increases the activity of the hair follicles, what is significant is the outcomes of more hair growth.

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