Natural remedies for the cough

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Have you suffered from cough recently or still having troubles with it, you may just have a flu which is cured but still the cough isn’t going away. What to do in this case, maybe you should try the cough syrup but I wouldn’t suggest that. Why we will see in this article. We will also discuss about the natural remedies to treat the dry cough in this article.

Why to avoid any cough syrups:

Cough syrups are great for the effect but bad for the inner effect. They don’t kill the cause but push it down for some time and may be next time cough will come back more stronger. Cough is always good for your body if it isn’t something like allergy cough. It helps the human body in removing the unwanted and not required substances from it. This is in terms very helpful for the human body function over all.

Natural remedies for the cough:

Cough is worse in many situations but few natural remedies can help you a lot in getting rid of it. Natural remedies also have advantage of putting no side effects on you in the overall process. Following are the few once I would recommend.

a)      Thyme leaves with the honey: A very good combination and very much effective on the cough due to throat inflammation. Try this out for a very good effect.

b)      Nutrition: Many food products produce phlegm in your body and hence increase the coughing. Avoiding these foods will help you lot in reducing the cough from your body. The foods include the peanuts, cow’s milk and few such products.

These remedies might be lengthy to produce the effect but are very good when compared to the other alopathic remedies which also have the risk of the side effects on the body.

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