Mp3 Player Speaker System – Convert Your Portable Player Into A Home Stereo System

Mickey | Electronics | Friday, November 19th, 2010

Mp3 Player Speaker System


Mp3 players allow you to carry your entire music collection around with you, but require you to listen with ear phones. Because sometimes it is preferrable to listen to music out loud, they invented MP3 speaker systems, that can convert a standard MP3 player into a stereo system. The trouble with choosing an MP3 player speaker system is that there are so many of them! From the humble Altec Lansing iM-237 ultra-portable speaker, to complicated docking systems, when it comes to buying MP3 players you are entirely spoiled for choice!

Perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when you are shopping for a set of speakers is that it is compatible with your type of player. If you use the popular Apple iPod, then you have the most choice, as there are many docking systems that can accommodate it, including some that will support the equally popular iPhone. Most speaker systems provide you with a 3.5mm Aux input slot, which allows the speakers to support a wider variety of players, if you don’t happen to be an iPod user.

The next consideration is how portable you need the system to be. If you want something primarily for home use, then portability is not your greater concern and instead you can focus on the sound quality and features, however if you want something that can easily be moved about and taken to various events, then you might prefer something that is as light as possible. Lighter speakers tend to struggle to maintain sound quality when you dial the volume up and sometimes require batteries that need to be replaced on a regular basis. Most systems are reasonably portable, but if you want something that is small enough to slip into your pocket, you will have to be strict on evaluating the size of your potential accessory.

There are many additional features that can add value to your “out loud” music experience. Many docking systems feature a remote control that allows you to control your player without needing to. There are also many novelty designs that might be to your taste, including alarm clock speakers, speakers shaped like cats and dogs, Cy-Fi speakers that can attach to the handles of a bicycle and even a retro styled VW van set of MP3 speakers along with an FM clock radio. You will find a full range of options, by hopping on the internet and doing a quick search on Google, clicking through to our website, or heading directly to the Amazon website where you can quickly and easily bring up a wide range of options using their advanced search tool.

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