Modify Simple Behaviors for Fast Weight Loss

Mickey | Health and Wellness | Monday, November 22nd, 2010

When thinking about the best way to lose belly fat, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind would be a low-calorie diet aimed at the traditional methods of losing weight. While reducing calories is certainly important and will play a huge role in the eventual success of any weight loss program, there are some other more subtle weight loss factors which oftentimes get overlooked.

The first thing to consider is how we approach meals and snacks. Unfortunately, in today’s hectic pace of life, we often eat while doing other tasks such as watching television or surfing the internet. We even eat while driving down the road or engaged in other types of tasks.  This has led to an almost mindless grazing or feeding which does little to add to the enjoyment of the meal.  In fact, research shows that eating while doing other things will increase the amount of food you consume. We are so engrossed in the task at hand that we tend to keep munching away, when in reality we would have been satisfied with far less food. This results in the consumption of a large amount of excess calories which eventually turns to fat because we have exceeded what our body’s need for fuel.

Another factor that adds additional weight is our constant need to hurry, we even hurry through meals. This means that we no longer sit and enjoy the meal, but tend to gobble it down and move on to the next task. The problem with this is that it takes our brain 20 minutes to register that we have had enough to eat, by the time we realize we are full – we have already overeaten.

The last factor in regards to weight gain behavior is portion size. Again, in our hurry to move through tasks, it is nothing to grab a bag of chips or even a bag of cookies and sit them on the desk next to us. This tends to encourage eating much more than if a serving size were portioned out and the goodies put away. Then, when we choose to indulge in a snack, at least we stop at one serving instead of several.

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