Mini Fridge With Freezer Specials

Mickey | Cars and Trucks | Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

One of the best investments you can make any off road vehicle is to purchase of a mini fridge with freezer. These very useful appliances give the ability to carry supplies with you whilst traveling in the backcountry. While quality mini fridge freezer units are somewhat expensive, frequent use will find them well worth the price.

The high quality car fridge freezers are those produced by Engel of Australia. These high quality devices generally run in the $800 and up price range so they certainly are not cheap. Regardless of the price however, many users swear by these devices and wouldn’t leave paved roads without them.

Engels are manufactured with high quality swing compressor unit which make them unique amongst the competition. These compressors are incredibly energy-efficient, and extremely reliable. These two attributes are probably the most desirable features a good quality car refrigerator can have, which is what makes Engel so desirable for in vehicle use.

Ice reflects they Australian heritage, there are many thousands of Engel refrigerator freezers installed as car fridges in the rugged outback of Australia. With corrugated dirt roads common 12 V car refrigerators in Australia need to be out a standup to the most extreme conditions – Engel is designed for this.

Due to their reputation for quality and durability mini fridge with freezer units from Angola now found a newly every continent and a serving many owners exceptionally well. It is not uncommon to find someone with a padded looking Engel refrigerator that was passed down from the father, they are that good.

Unfortunately the high demand and quality for Engel refrigerators mean that it is very uncommon to find any decent Engel fridge specials. Occasionally they will be sold as package deals where you can obtain Engel accessories for a discounted price, but you will usually need to pay the retail price for the fridge itself.

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