Making Your Own Tiki Torches

Mickey | Patio and Garden | Friday, February 18th, 2011

Tiki torches can easily be made at home! This craft project will allow you to use materials you already have on hand and save some money. When a friend compliments your unique tiki torch, you will be able to reply excitedly “I made that!” and decide if you want to share the details.

With these easy to follow directions, you will soon be able to make your own collection of tiki torches for your next outdoor luau.  You might have to make a trip to the nearest hardware store for some of the supplies, but the wine bottle you can look for from a neighbor, friend or even out of your own recycling bin. You will need at least one clean, empty wine or beer bottle in the color and size of your choice.  At the hardware store, pick up a tiki replacement wick, nylon thread seal tape, and ½” x 3/8” copper coupling. You will also need some torch fuel. If you are planning on using this torch during bug – filled months, you can opt for some citronella fuel.

First you will need to wrap the pipe wrap around the copper reducer many times. This will need to fit inside the neck of the bottle. After making sure the copper reducer is wrapped securely and will fit into the top of the bottle, insert the wick into the reducer. Fill the bottle with the fuel and insert the wick. Let the oil absorb into the wick before lighting.  Safely light the wick with the torch sitting on the surface you plan to have it on while it is burning.  These directions are an easy way to inspire you to use up the beer and wine bottles you would otherwise recycle. You could create a whole rainbow of tiki torches!

Don’t forget that these torches are only safe for outdoor use as patio lights. Be sure to keep pets and children away from the open flame.  Place these torches on sturdy tabletops away from other flames and out of direct contact with people and food.  Start collecting bottles now for next season’s tiki torches. Your neighbors and friends are sure to want a few!

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