Making Unique Wedding Cake Toppers – Here’s How

Mickey | General | Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Planning a wedding would sometimes sounds like having a big project. You have to make sure that every detail is meticulously done. You need to take care of everything from the ceremony down to receptions as well as the foods being served. And upon mentioning the foods right there, who could forget the wedding cakes? They are as important as the bride and the groom. And with cakes comes the wedding cake toppers.

Since everything is perfect – the wedding song is perfect, the whole reception is decorated with frosting roses and your wedding cake is as gorgeous as the bride, you should have a cake topper to match the perfection. Of course, you don’t want to have a cake topper that looks like the bride and the groom are likely seem to have a trip to the haunted horror house than a trip down the aisle.

Back then, there are only limited choices of cake toppers. Cake toppers before are more standard with serious looks on every couples faces. But that was because weddings before are also more standard but today, weddings can be as exciting as jumping off a plane while saying “ I do” and can be as formal as a church wedding from the 18Th century. This really depends on how the couples want their weddings to look like. And with that comes the break from the standard, boring wedding cake toppers.

There are many cake toppers that can represent the desired themes you want for your wedding. For example, funny wedding cake toppers are very in demand today for couples who wants to have a little “fun” in their wedding. There is also the photo wedding toppers. They can choose a photo that represents them as a couple like choosing activities they both like. This type of cake toppers are great choices for interracial and same sex marriage.

Whatever wedding cake toppers you may choose, always remember that it’s your union as a couple that cake toppers represent. Find some times to select a cake topper that really suits your taste. Also, make sure that your cake topper goes along with your wedding themes as well as the cake design too.

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